Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Google Phone Should (Will?) Run Your Regular Java SE Apps

Om's rundown of supposed Google-phone details was picked up today by engadget mobile. If the rumors are on target, and the phone is really based on a Java-on-Linux OS, with a Java API for apps, then I have one thing to say. And hopefully all those PhDs at Google thought of this a year ago.

Wanna make be a real disrupter in the smartphone world, not just a me-too? Java SE.

Here's why it makes so much sense that Google's probably already done it:

  • Sun bought SavaJe in April
  • Sun's JavaFX mobile is based on the SavaJe tech
  • Google can get help from Sun on this Java-based OS (similar to what RIM built on their own)
  • But, being Google, they're in a position to ask for full J2SE support...
  • ...which exists, performs well, and which Sun can now provide, because SavaJe built and owns it! (even though they later focused more on a J2ME++++ approach)

Google and Sun can ship the device with a J2ME environment layer (similar to the J2ME-in-an-applet environments that exist online), and probably the JavaFX mobile layer too. But allowing anyone to crank up plain old Java code (of which Google already has quite a lot) on the phone would be a game-changing move.

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