Monday, July 23, 2007

The Money Has to Go Somewhere: Ads as Boom Barometer

During the dot-com boom, it seemed as though every advertisement on the radio was for one dot-com or another. Some campaigns paid off ( had a big radio spend); some didn't.

This morning I heard a radio commercial for "pinger" ... which appears to be a voicemail site for when you want to leave a message and really don't want the other person to pick up the phone. Or when you want to spam a whole bunch of people with voicemail. I just don't buy it. I had heard of it before and it doesn't sound any more sensible now.

The commercial was on KCBS, an all-news watt-monster in the Bay Area that is not cheap to advertise on. Especially during morning commute hours. In poker, this is what they call "buying the pot" -- and pinger is lucky enough to be buying with Kleiner's money.

Having recently seen VC-backed mobile-YouTube-play Zannel placing large ads at art events in SF neighborhoods where the only dot-com you expect to see is, I realized the ripple effect is underway.

I was hesitant to promote anecdotal evidence as economics data, but my confidence was bolstered by the coincidental publication this morning that "VC Investment Hits Highest Level Since 2001"

The money has to go somewhere. Like free movie tickets just for applying for a job:

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