Sunday, April 23, 2006

10^H Things^H to do with Skip

Ok, I thought it would make a cool post to come up with 10 things you can do with a Skip account outside of what it's designed for (namely travel).

Instead I decided to post the 1 thing I've found most useful so far; post your own idea in the comments and maybe we can come up with 10 together.

Just creating entries online, and managing all sorts of notes or lists I might need to keep track of one the go ... grocery lists, gift lists, driving directions, random to-dos ... and being able to get all that data anywhere on a phone, without the mutant mini-browser, is pretty sweet.

Now, if you're reading this blog, odds are you've already got a personal solution to this problem. You have a smartphone, or something that syncs with Exchange or with an online PIM suite like a web portal with address/notepad/etc. Or you've got a wired PDA that you sync.

But you probably know someone (maybe a lot of folks) who aren't so wired, and would be surprised to know they could bring all this stuff with them with just a phone (and without fighting their way through the so-called wireless web).

For my own part, I've always loved the Exchange notes sync with the BlackBerry. I probably use that 10 times a day. But my wife uses a regular Samsung phone, and she was thrilled to see that she could throw all sorts of data in online and have it on the wireless, with no cellphone "typing." Plus she and I can "share" a Skip account, make updates to each other's items, and stay in sync.

I wish the best for the pure-play web/wireless groupware systems out there -- a quick Google search turns up AirSet, which looks very cool! Skip is obviously in a different sort of space, but it's handy that some of the basics are a Skip freebie too. I believe that in the mobile productivity space, the more the merrier, as we are just starting to see a dawning general awareness that the phone is a platform. This awareness -- together with apps that make it real for average consumers -- is key to creating a flourishing ecosystem for mobile software.

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