Friday, March 20, 2009

Silverlight Sound And Fury (You Know the Rest)

So as not to bore regular readers, I’ll skip the jeremiad.

Bottom line: despite the hoopla at MIX over Silverlight 3 – which is an incredible platform – there were still no meaningful penetration numbers presented.

And while it’s great to see the platform revving and maturing, the various version make a development decision that much harder. If you have a new idea for a Silverlight app, and you imagine your target audience will have the plugin or is able to install it, do you aim for v3? v2? v1?

I also haven’t heard a word about any explicit program to drive Silverlight client installs.

According – perhaps not the best source of detected install info, but … wait, I guess if it’s the only source of information, that automatically makes it the best – Silverlight is on 22.3% of their observed clients.


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