Friday, July 18, 2008

Pardon the Glare: I Think My Tinfoil Hat is Catching the Sun

Last week, it became clear that Kevin Martin and the FCC are getting closer to laying the smackdown on Comcast for the ISP's BitTorrent "management" policies (or was it because Comcast keeps lying about it? or because Comcast has tried to game the hearings about it? so hard to keep track of now).

And now all of a sudden I'm getting 4x more BitTorrent throughput on my Comcast cable line than I ever did before.

I'm tempted to imagine a connection.

But I also suspect that positing a connection is tinfoilhattery on my part ... in particular because the bandwidth/connection patterns I see don't look like the TCP reset packet approach that Comcast had been using, and which gave them away.

I'm getting more throughput in the middle of transfers, where there had never been any resets.

So maybe I should just be happy.

Or maybe that's just how Comcast wants me to feel.

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