Thursday, June 26, 2008

Does LLVM Mean An Alternative to Objective-C is in the Works?

The LLVM project has popped up on the radar a bunch of times lately. There's a variety of speculation about why the sudden interest.

I'll throw my hat in and suggest that Apple is thinking seriously about a full-service alternative to Objective-C for programming against the native OS X (Cocoa) API.

Objective-C hasn't spread as a general use language on other platforms, and Apple is showing a higher level of interest in expanding its ISV/developer base.

While other language bindings have been promised or offered over the years, none have been developed or maintained to the point that they are a realistic equivalent/alternative to ObjC. For example, according to an Apple insider I spoke with, it turned out that, under the hood -- at the level of linking, marshaling, etc. -- the cost of the incompatibilities with Java just got to be too great to try and keep it as a first-class environment next to ObjC.

It would seem that LLVM could open up a lot of doors here.

If, as reported, the Xcode environment hooks in with LLVM/GCC, then there is a natural integration point introduced at the intermediate representation (IR) level.

It may not be trivial -- LLVM is designed to be lower-level than, say Microsoft's CLR. The CLR, together with the CTS (common type system) and various other infrastructure and requirements, created a level of guaranteed interoperability between any two .Net languages ... somewhat different from the purpose of LLVM, which appears to be more about the ability to rigorously transform and optimize code in a hardware independent manner.

In this sense it may be about helping with Apple's parallelization work as well as cross-compilation for GPUs or PowerPC. Still, at the end of the day, there are libraries to be called into and data to be passed. And having a big multi-language abstraction in the middle would seem to make it a lot easier to massage the call patterns of other languages so that they play nice with ObjC system libraries.

Oh, and check this out: it's fun and interactive: you can try it in your browser and see the IR right now!

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