Sunday, March 16, 2008

Large File Uploads with ASP.Net Require a Config Setting

I'm just putting this out there to save someone else an extra search: last week, a colleague and I were discovering that an ASP.Net app was throwing exceptions when we tried to upload files around 5 MB in size. Turns out that one's by design: here's an article that covers two relevant points:

  1. There's a configuration setting (detailed in the article) which limits uploads to 4MB by default.
  2. The uploaded file needs to fit in the memory used by the worker process that's handling that particular HTTP request -- all at once; apparently, it can't be configured to 'stream' to a file object or the like. ASP.Net "health management" of the worker processes can get in the way of really large uploads because it gets anxious if the worker process memory consumption exceeds certain thresholds. There are additional config params around this feature that you can tweak if you need to.

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