Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Free ActionScript Code Generation: VASGen 0.2 Release

I finally got a new rev up of VASGen, my Violet UML ActionScript 3 Generator.

It is built against Alexandre de Pellegrin's enhanced version of Violet UML, which is designed to run either standalone, as an Eclipse plug-in, or via JNLP ("Java Web Start"). This version of Violet also has a much glossier look and feel, which make it particularly pleasant to use (thanks, Alexandre!)

screen1      s2thumb

The main functional enhancement to VASGen is in the area of package support. This version supports placing classes and interfaces (and nested packages) inside of packages, using the Violet modeling tool. When code is generated, the proper folders and qualified type names will be used.

If you don't want to package all of your types, or you are just sketching around inside what will end up one package, you can specify a default package by just dropping a package icon anywhere in the diagram and marking the name of it with a '+' (e.g., "+foobar").

I've tossed in a couple of bug fixes too. Details and the download are here.

If you uncover problems, I would love to hear about them and hopefully fix them.


nada said...

hi adam
may be a year late or so ;-) but nevertheless: after checking out many tools for basic uml modeling/as generating i am always returning to violet/vasgen. cool work by the way. i got me a mac some weeks ago and since then i am no more able to generate any as files from the diagrams. snapshooting works perfect, so i guess it's not a matter of writing permissings... i searched for answers but found only people with the same prob. any idea straight from the creator's mind?? tnx a lot and happy new year (one year too late) grx. nada

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