Thursday, November 29, 2007

Overclocking: I So Ought To Have Known Better

Ok, I'm not a big pc modder guy, but I was trying to squeeze some extra life for gaming out of a machine that isn't the latest. Using techniques I had successfully executed before, I was in the process of kicking the 3.2 GHz CPU up to 3.65, when I toasted my HDD. The thing was, I started skipping some steps I had done the previous times, and that turned out to be my downfall.

I know, the high-clock-speed chips are so 2005, because a slower CPU can have 7 cores, and execute 19 instructions per clock cycle and have so much on-die cache that you just mirror the entire system RAM into cache on startup and then pull out the DIMMs and use them to level that kitchen table with the short leg.

The fun part is seeing which component will fail from the overclocking. It's not the CPU of course. At one time it was the video card; fixed that. This time it looks like either the SATA bridge or the drive electronics themselves. Ah well. It'll totally be worth it once I get that pixel shader 3.0 action going. (I told you it was an older machine, besides, don't get me started on the awful experience I had trying Vista/DX10/PS4).

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