Monday, September 11, 2006

Try Skip's First Public API

Skip's first public API is live on our test server. Part of our "keep it real" philosophy involves allowing public access to our test server almost all of the time, where interested parties can see and play with things we haven't quite finished.

The web service is located at, and opening the link in a browser provides the .net-generated descriptive and sample data for each operation, as well as a link to the WSDL.

Email me to get a free developer key, which is a string you pass in the devkey field.

The member field is the email address (Skip login) of the Skip member in whose itinerary you wish to create an item. publisherdata is the initial descriptive text corresponding to an item (which appears in the "annotation" box on the web). In the final release, this data will have its own independent field, which you will be able to update via the item handle that is returned from the Create operations.

Ignore the groupkey field for now, as it is not implemented yet -- but it will be used in a final release to allow you to associate multiple items so that the end user can move or manage them together as a group.

For flight segment items, the record locator and pax names are optional, but must be present if you want to enable the end user to do a one-click check-in via his mobile device.

These operations only affect accounts on the test server (, not the production site. The test server also hosts versions of the mobile client which run against test, if you would like to play with the full end-to-end travel publishing and travel consuming experience.

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