Monday, July 24, 2006

First Impressions, Second Impressions

Ok, I'm not aiming specifically at the quality or related issues of the Moto Q or Treo 700w here. But this Amazon review of the Q is just brilliant:

Synopsis (if you haven't read it yet or are too lazy to click through):
  1. Smartphone-savvy customer is delighted to begin working with his brand new Motorola Q.
  2. Customer discovers some minor issues and remains enthusiastic and forgiving.
  3. Customer has multiple hardware failures. Service rep suggests an alternate device with a better quality track record (in the opinion/experience of the rep).
  4. Customer buys this alternate device and regrets giving the 5-star review to the Q in the first place.
Footnote: This all takes place in a week, and remember this reviewer seems to be a sophisticated PDA/phone user.

Question: When (Apple) did firms pushing the "high-end" wannabe-Lexus products (Apple) start acting like used car salesmen (Apple) hyping something shiny (Apple) that barely drives off the lot (Apple) with the engine still running?

Someone set me straight here ... meanwhile, I guess this is why I drive a Honda and build my own whitebox PCs...

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